Mappitty maps

Clutter of lines and areas of funky shapes and colors mixed with typography make up a surprisingly powerful acronym of our reality. Visual maze, that leads the way out from the real one. Mess that actually makes a lot of sense.

Yep, I'm a map nerd. I'm interested, fascinated and surrounded by maps. I enjoy their presence and browsing through paper maps is a dirty pleasure. My bachelor’s thesis was about maps of night skies and my diploma thesis about maps in information design. The most important video I have ever seen is a map, even my wallet is a friggin map.

Sense for detail? You gotta be kidding me. That topographic collage is made of hundreds of cut pieces from old Czechoslovak military atlas sheets. Accuracy of the border is few millimeters, isobaths tie together and hypsometry is more or less correct. Landlocked Czechia finally has its sea!