I design experiences that make sense

Why? Because it's the only thing that really matters.

I am Martin Pulicar. User experience designer operating at the intersection of design, information and cartography.

I've been shaping the way location intelligence changes our understanding of the world, visualizing criminal data for the first time in the history of my country, mapping the insane magnitude of the night sky, exploring forbidden places and making a low-key field guide about them, trying to map out corruption in politics, helping to tell a story of ever improving world, visualizing the tracking of long-distance extreme races, mapping the distribution of traditional customs, designing a book about my grandfather I've never met, another book about sheer middle class misery, kicking off a prominent photographic magazine and drowning in a pile of maps.

Also, I've been shooting on film for most of my life, I nerd out about my weird postcards collection and I fucking love rooftops.

Hit me up at martin@pulicar.xyz